All trucks and trailers have air ride suspension and are fully equipped with ramps, load bars, straps and, packing blankets.
All dimensions and weights relate to V2V Vehicles.

Truck/Trailer Internal Lenght Internal Width Internal Height Volume Weight External Length External Width External Height Unladen Weight
7.5t Box 6.00m 2.20m 2.30m 30.3m cu 2,240kg 8.50m 2.26m 3.25m 4,960kg
18t Box 7.82m 2.45m 2.50m 47.6m cu 9,860kg 10.20m 2.50m 3.80m 9,140kg
Iveco Stralis Unit & Trailer 6.00m 2.40m 3.80m 7,900kg
94.6m cu 21,420kg 16.50m 2.55m 4.00m 16,580kg
Mega Box 13.54m 2.54m 2.95m 99.3m cu 18,000kg 13.65m 2.55m 4.00m 9,380kg
Step Frame 13.6 Box 13.40m 2.45m 94.6m cu 21,420kg 13.65m 2.55m 4.00m 8,680kg
Step Floor 4.10m 2.45m 2.65m
Main Floor 9.50m 2.45m 2.95m

Additional costs

  • Night out after 2000 hours & before 0600 hours
  • Working Driver
  • PD’s (Per Day)
  • Long day (over 10 hr working day)
  • Labourer / Drivers Mate
  • Congestion Charge (If applicable)
  • Dartford Crossing (If applicable)
  • M6 Toll (If applicable)

Other variable tour costs UK/Europe

  • Diesel
  • Road Tolls/Road tax’s
  • Ferries
  • Second Driver and travelling expenses
  • Night/Sunday Travelling Permits
  • Use of snow chains